AquaVeil ® Water Wall

A new style of water feature, the AquaVeil® has a stunning waterfall-like effect. 

Flowing over a unique wall of metal mesh, water appears to cascade seamlessly through the air. No fuss, just effect. 

Perfect for small intimate spaces, and large open areas – indoors or outdoors – the AquaVeil® can be tailor made to any size, and can also be shaped to the curvature of your building or space.

The AquaVeil®’s design allows for a tailored lighting system to be included in the top and bottom of the water wall, meaning the striking embossed water effect can be experienced during both night and day.   

Made in the UK

“The AquaVeil®’s signature embossed water effect has to be witnessed to be believed, it’s like no other, which is what makes it so special. The slow-moving water pattern creates a mesmerising and contemporary water feature for any space. The architectural mesh that the water flows down is beautiful in itself, truly adding to the quality and enduring feel of the design.” – Mr Tony Clifton, AquaVeil® customer