About AquaVeil®

The AquaVeil® has been designed and created by Tills Innovations Ltd, one of the UK’s leading water feature specialists, with more than 20 years’ experience in creating and installing quality, contemporary water features and fountains across the UK. In an era of temptation for water feature specialists to shy away from risk-taking and innovation in their designs, Tills Innovations Ltd is driven to make a long-lasting contribution to water feature design, striving for flair, creativity and individuality in all it does.

This passion for producing great designs to stimulate emotions, combined with an in-depth knowledge of the water feature industry, has enabled Tills Innovations Ltd to bring to life the AquaVeil®, and its unique waterfall effect.

What makes AquaVeil® unique?

A mesmerising effect

As soon as you see the AquaVeil® water wall it will become clear what makes it so special. The striking embossed water effect is truly mesmerising, and makes a beautiful, peaceful addition to any setting. 

Seamless, free standing design

Adding to the AquaVeil®’s visual impact is its unique free-standing design, which creates the illusion of a waterfall, but with a clean, sophisticated twist. An arching frame attaches to the top and bottom of the veil to elegantly drape the material, while pushing the water wall forward to create the unique waterfall look. A reservoir sits at the bottom of the water wall, and can be customised to your colour and finish preferences. 

Bespoke to your requirements

Every AquaVeil® is tailor-made to your requirements. From private buyers looking for a decorative indoor water feature for their home, to restaurants and hotels seeking a large-scale feature to wow their guests, the AquaVeil® can be tailored to integrate seamlessly to a variety of spaces. Due to the flexibility of the metal mesh, the AquaVeil® water wall can also be created into a curved feature, moulding itself to the shape of your walls and spaces, and can be designed as a free-standing circular structure. 

The water wall is suitable for indoor or outdoor spaces, and with a reservoir measuring from just 600mm x 250mm, taking up minimal floor space.

Let the sunshine through 

The metal mesh used for the AquaVeil® is translucent meaning that, wherever the water wall is installed, it can still let light through. This opens up endless possibilities for installation – the water wall is a perfect divider in a restaurant, or could simply be placed as a large sculpture in a foyer, without compromising on light.

Sensational lighting

The AquaVeil®’s stunning effects can also be experienced both night and day, due to the clever lighting system installed within the top and bottom of the frame. Working best in a darker or night time setting, the LED light ricochets off of the water, enhancing the embossed effect of the AquaVeil® even further.

Easy to install, designed to last

Incredibly, the AquaVeil® can be made to any size, but still remains in one piece, with no visible joints. Due to the foldable nature of the metal mesh, the AquaVeil® can be easily transported, and large features can be installed in tight-access locations. 

Once installed, like all water features, the AquaVeil® requires some basic aftercare, but has been specifically engineered so that the filtration and water treatment is easy to manage and maintain.  

Quality product, quality service

The AquaVeil® water wall is made in Britain, using high grade stainless steel, manufactured to a specific design to produce the embossed water effect. The finish of the steel not only contributes to the effect, but also lowers the maintenance of the water wall. 

Each AquaVeil® is finished by hand to create a piece tailored for you – there are no production lines in sight. The team at AquaVeil® prides itself on its high level of service, and you will be supported through the whole process; from the moment you’re inspired by the AquaVeil®, right through to your delivery.

The AquaVeil® is currently available in three styles The Enigma, The Paradox, and The Quantum.