Since the founding of Tills Innovations Ltd, the parent of the AquaVeil®, 20 years ago, the belief has been that a water feature, fountain or water wall should look as good in the future as it did when first turned on.

The AquaVeil® has been carefully designed to not only look beautiful, but to incorporate engineered solutions which enable straightforward and effective aftercare of the water wall. This includes an advanced filtration system, specially-created water treatment solutions, and options for automatic water top up and drain down for maintenance. An operation and maintenance manual is supplied with AquaVeil® to ensure safe operation and to maximise your enjoyment for years to come.


The filtration system installed within the AquaVeil® filters the water continuously, regardless if the water wall is turned on or off. This ensures the water quality is perfectly maintained for the waterfall effect and the overall aesthetics of the contemporary water feature. For commercial applications, the filtration system is also paramount for the health and safety of the water. The filter is cleverly designed so the filter cartridge can be easily removed, cleaned and refitted. 

Water treatment

Working alongside the filtration system, an aftercare package is supplied for the water treatment. During the research and development stages of the AquaVeil®, Tills Innovations Ltd partnered with a water treatment specialist to develop a special biocide, which, unlike chlorine, is odourless, and is safer to administer.

Test strips are provided to help you ensure that the chemical levels are correct, and topping up as and when is necessary is simple to do. It is essential the water is treated, both to keep the water feature clean, and to assist with the health and safety requirements for commercial applications.

To look after the surface of the mesh material, you will be provided with a PH tester and PH control granules which should be added as and when required to maintain the correct levels. 

Water top up & draining

The water wall requires a minimum amount of water within the reservoir while in operation. Water will be lost through evaporation or possibly in certain locations through splash. This can be replenished manually via a hose or vessel.

Alternatively, there is the option to select an AquaVeil® with an electronic automatic water top up system. This will need to include a cold water mains feed, possibly via a break tank, as well as an over flow to foul sewer.