The AquaVeil® is not a mass-produced water wall, it’s a refined work of art. Each AquaVeil® is handmade, lending itself to bespoke designs to integrate perfectly into its surroundings.

To help you in your choice of water feature, the AquaVeil® is categorised into three styles, each of which can be tailored to your landscape or interior space.

The Enigma

Everything that makes the AquaVeil® extraordinary, The Enigma has a self-contained design, which includes the mesh drape and signature frame, and has the flexibility of bespoke heights and widths. 

The contemporary water feature has been specifically designed to comprise a compact system of parts for delivery, movement and aid installation. The design cleverly utilises the benefits of a component system, without compromising the extraordinary look of the product or the build quality. 

The AquaVeil®’s design allows for a tailored lighting system to be included in the top and/or bottom of the frame, depending on the size and location of the water wall.

The Paradox

Just like The EnigmaThe Paradox features everything that makes the AquaVeil® unique, but with the added benefit of a more integrated design. This style of water wall has a frame system behind the reservoir, allowing the stainless steel upright pillars to be integrated into the wall. 

The Paradox also includes the other benefits of The Enigma, including build quality, the flexible component system, and varying lighting options.

The Quantum

The Quantum takes the elegance of the AquaVeil® to a superior level. With an advanced support structure, and hydraulic equipment installation, The Quantum can be incorporated into the very fabric of the building. For example, you could have a wall of water running from the ceiling into the floor, to create a truly eye-catching, seamless waterfall effect.

This design is only offered as a completely bespoke solution and lends itself to new builds. It requires reservoir integration into the floor, in ground services, wall cavity pipework, and ceiling anchor systems.

AquaVeil® Finishes

For your water wall to fully complement your building interior or landscape space, the frame design needs to reflect this, and therefore there are a variety of finishes available to help you further customise your AquaVeil®.

The reservoir and frame detail can have a coloured finish of your choice. For example, a white reservoir may blend perfectly into a painted alcove, or black would work well to frame the mesh and provide definition in a landscaped space.