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The AquaVeil® is not a mass-produced water wall, it’s a refined work of art. Each AquaVeil® is handmade in the UK, lending itself to bespoke designs to integrate perfectly into its surroundings.

To help you in your choice of water feature, the AquaVeil® is categorised into three water wall styles, each of which can be tailored to your garden or interior space.

The Enigma The Paradox The Quantum

The Enigma

Everything that makes the AquaVeil® water wall extraordinary, The Enigma™ has a self-contained design, which includes the mesh drape and signature frame, and has the flexibility of bespoke heights and widths.

The contemporary water feature has been specifically designed to comprise of a compact system of parts to aid delivery, movement and installation into your interior space or garden. The design cleverly utilises the benefits of a component system, without compromising the extraordinary look of the water wall or the build quality, fitting perfectly into interiors and garden settings.

The AquaVeil®’s design allows for a tailored lighting system to be included in the top and/or bottom of the frame, depending on the size and location of the water wall.

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The Paradox

Just like The Enigma™ , The Paradox™ features everything that makes the AquaVeil® water wall unique, but with the added benefit of a more integrated design. This style of stainless steel water wall has a frame system behind the reservoir, allowing the stainless steel upright pillars to be integrated into the garden or interior wall.

The Paradox™ also includes the other benefits of The Enigma™ including build quality, a flexible component system, and varying lighting options.

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The Quantum

The Quantum takes the elegance of the AquaVeil® to a superior level. With an advanced support structure and hydraulic equipment installation, The Quantum™ water wall can be incorporated into the very fabric of the building. For example, you could have a wall of water running from the ceiling into the floor, to create a truly eye-catching, seamless interior waterfall effect.

This design is only offered as a completely bespoke solution and lends itself to the interior of new builds. It requires reservoir integration into the floor, in-ground services, interior cavity pipework, and ceiling anchor systems.

Design Your Quantum™ Experience

Let the sunshine through

The metal mesh used for the AquaVeil®'s waterfall effect is translucent meaning that, wherever the water wall is installed, it can still let light through. This opens up endless possibilities for installation – the water wall is a perfect divider in a restaurant, or could simply be placed as a large sculpture in a foyer, without compromising on light.

Illuminate Your Space with AquaVeil®

Sensational lighting

The AquaVeil®’s stunning effects can also be experienced both night and day, due to the clever lighting system installed within the top and bottom of the frame. Working best in darker or night time settings outdoors, the LED light ricochets off of the water, enhancing the embossed water effect of the AquaVeil® even further, a great addition for both indoor and garden locations.

Technical Info

Starting at just £9,000, our comprehensive package includes bespoke lighting, built-in filtration, a painted framework, an aftercare pack, and full installation services (note: excludes any builders' work).

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It is the most amazing piece I have ever purchased. This is better than what I had expected and really has the WOW factor. I want to thank Mike and Steve for the professional service that they provided throughout.

Ashwin Bedi

The guys were absolutely fantastic throughout the whole process, from initial enquiry right through to coming and fitting! We absolutely love it.

Emma and Paul

From the very first telephone conversation Mike and Steve were super helpful. They quickly understood our requirements, provided helpful advice to complete our design, created clear design & operating documents and worked a small miracle to meet our deadline.

Jen Allsop

The AquaVeil® has added a wow-factor to my restaurant. The water feature at the Royal Nawaab goes a long way to helping us to achieve that sense of distinctiveness.

Mr Mahboob Hussain

I am very happy with my fountain, it is a focal point of my Court Yard. It is relaxing in its sight and sound, symbolises relief of any life situation. It is clear and salubrious, ever refreshing; In the evenings it is spectacular and fantastic.


The look of it provides a fantastic calm feel to the garden, we have it on most evenings as its just lovely to see in the background. Brilliant service from start to finish, absolute perfectionists!

Emma and Paul

It brings a real sense of grandeur to the space as customers are greeted by a towering wall of water. The presence of the AquaVeil® adds to the overall experience for my customers; it gives them a talking point, something to photograph and share.

Mr Maboob Hussein

The installation was completed on time and the site was left really clean and tidy. First class customer service. We love our water wall, it blends beautifully into our garden and gets compliments from every visitor. Thank you Tills Team!

Jen Allsop

Overall I can say it is outstanding and very mesmerising. THANK YOU to these guys who installed it with perfection & precision. On top of being skilful they were very hard working, caring, polite, helpful and considerate.